Lujiazui centro finanziario internazionale, Shangai al tramonto—Foto, autore : Alandy +++ ALTRE IMMAGINI DEL CENTRO FINANZIARIO DI SHANGAI










Shanghai Contrassegnati Sulla Mappa Con Marcatore Rosso ...






Mappa Della Corea Del Nord Corea Del Sud Giappone Cina Russia ...








A group of skyscrapers and towers, seen from across a river. At the left is one consisting of a sphere on concrete supports topped by a long spike; in the center are smaller buildings, one a bright gold color, gradually rising to the tallest one at right, still under construction

Lujiazui skyline, as seen from the Bund, across the Huangpu River, the tallest building being Shanghai Tower, 2017


FOTO :. King of Hearts – Own work




Lujiazui skyline in broad daylight, as seen from the Bund

Baycrest – Own work

Skyline of Lujiazui, Pudong New Area, Shanghai (2016)






Lujiazui at night

JesseW900 – Own work

This is a whole view of Lujiazui taken in the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in 2002.

Samyin0206 – Own work, 2019





Shanghai Tower July 2014 - 1.jpg


Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China

Andrew and Annemarie –






The Shanghai World Financial Center in Shanghai, China.

FASTILY (TALK) – Own work, 2010




Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai.jpg


Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, China

Dmitry A. Mottl – Own work, 2014




Jin Mao Building-2005.JPG


The Jin Mao Tower in 2005, with a crane beginning the construction of the SWFC visible in background.

Shizhao – Own work, 2005





C108 One Lujiazui.jpg


This is a closeup of One Lujiazui, formerly the Development Tower, in downtown Shanghai.

Ferox Seneca – Own work, 2012





Bocom Financial Towers closeup.jpg


These are the Bocom Financial Towers, located in downtown Shanghai.

Ferox Seneca – Own work, 2012







Shanghai Tower with IFC North and South Towers.jpg


This is a picture of Shanghai Tower between the two Shanghai IFC towers, as the Shanghai Tower appeared in August 31, 2012.

Ferox Seneca – Own work, 2012






Bank of Shanghai Headquarters.jpg

上海银行大厦 Bank of Shanghai Headquarters

Baycrest – Own work, 2008






Bank of China Tower II.jpg


This is the Bank of China Tower, located in downtown Shanghai.

Ferox Seneca – Own work, 2012







Jin Mao Tower from the Oriental Pearl Tower, with the SWFC under construction in 2005

Ejdzej (talk | contribs) :::  AUTORE








CITIC Pacific HQ & Mandarin Oriental

 晓张 – flickr, 2010







Shanghai World Financial Center in Lujiazui.

Fljsh (talk | contribs) :: AUTORE






Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, Pudong

Alex Needham, 2006






Lujiazui skyline, Pudong

Alex Needham (talk | contribs)- 2006





Lujiazui panorama

Qilei Cai – Own work, 2014








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